Backroom Casting Couch – Chloe

After her casting, 20 year old burger flipper Chloe says she’s never been fucked like today, something our Mr Vince hears a lot. But then again, this is also the first time our tall beauty has sex with the lights on. Seriously. She was a bit of a late bloomer and only recently started experimenting with sex. Just 2 weeks ago had her first lesbian experience – with 3 different girls. So Chloe moves late, but she moves fast…

She’s open and adventurous enough to see if instead of watching porn videos, she’d enjoy making them. The cucumber makes an appearance again, which she reluctantly accepts in her vajayjay. She had already declined the butt plug a moment earlier, so really, what’s her option? Say no and risk getting shown the door?

And despite a lot of ladies not liking to eat the arse, this young closet kinkster is a-ok with giving Vince a rimjob right off the bat. Well ok, first there’s the longest, most awkward moment where Chloe is thinking about doing it or just run out screaming.

But as with pretty much everything, Chloe eventually caves in and does what we want her to, with exception of anal, which she just couldn’t get herself to try – not even for jobs paying $1000 to $5000 per day. Back to the grill with you, young lady…

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