Backroom Casting Couch – Leslie

Leslie was just waiting for the right connection to someone to get her into the porn industry. And apparently my 3-line Craigslist ad and bare bones office in a shitty neighborhood convinced her that I would be it.

Making easy money has always been on her agenda but she’s not absolutely clear what would be required of her today. Leslie is at once secretive and oddly open. For example, she claims to love doing “dirty and naughty things” – but can’t give an example. Then she admits to cumming at home with an electric toothbrush and explains how she does it. But it would’ve been nice if she had said that before Jake wasted 7 minutes on trying to get her off with a regular vibrator. Leslie definitely wants to make a good impression for those producers who’ll watch her audition video, so she’s waiting for directions (which she follows more or less badly), and tries to come across as a pro on cam when she thinks that part or another goes into her demo tape.

She doesn’t know we don’t usually cut anything from auditions. So thinking it would be cut from her demo tape, Leslie stalls when I tell her she needs to suck Agent Jake’s dick for the cameras. “Do I…go with it?”, like she’s not really ready for THAT today. I tell her in no uncertain terms that YES – if she wants to get into the porn industry, she’s going to suck his cock right now. She realizes this is a make-or-break moment and so she gets on her knees and gives Jake head. Then we get the usual escalation of sex positions. But as we’ve already noticed, Leslie seems to have a hearing problem because there are several moments where we need to repeatedly tell her what we want her to do.

Once she understands what we’re talking about, she puts on a decent show. I think the only time she’s 100% honest and doesn’t try to play up to you guys…errr….the producers, is when she’s doing first time anal. With Jake, of course. While it didn’t look THAT bad to us, and she takes is cock in her ass for quite some time, she does tap out after about 2 minutes or so. Too bad, she does it just before Jake is about to cum inside her ass. We were hoping for an anal creampie. Maybe next time. Jake finishes her off with a regular creampie though. An ambush one because this chick doesn’t deserve a warning.

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