Backroom Casting Couch – Mel

Energy! Enthusiasm! Love for cock! NONE of this describes 20 year old Russian-American Mel. For someone who makes minimum wage selling donuts for a living and claims to want more out of life, she doesn’t really seem to care about making a good impression for the producers or Vince or me.

She confesses to being sexually quite inexperienced with just about everything, doesn’t want to masturbate on camera, and generally seems like she’d rather find something less physically demanding to do than sit on a couch and answer questions. That is until she gets it in the ass – THAT she seems to like. She said she was open to it during the interview but we had no idea how much this seems to be what she is REALLY wanting until Vince puts that butt plug in her balloon knot.

It glides right in and finally we see her smile. When Vince unleashes his magic dick on her ass, we actually see and hear her enjoy herself for once. As she says while getting dressed, after she got to enjoy her first anal and anal creampie, her friends don’t really think of her as “that” type of girl. Now we know why.

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