Backroom Casting Couch – Sierra

When we asked 21 year old Sierra what she thought she’d be doing at a porn shoot, she played it pretty coy and told us she thought it was a modeling job and she might have to touch a dick. Now this seems strange for a girl who told us that she wanted to be in porn since she was a little girl, and as we found out the more we talked to her, she wanted to come across as the innocent, good girl.

Yeah, we knew it was bullshit from the start and this one was a little slut behind the shy exterior…

As it turns out, this pizza girl was every bit the bad girl we hoped she’d be which was good for our stud Vince as he likes Colombian girls anyway, and horny ones even better. We really liked how willing and compliant Sierra was, she’d do anything we told her to do and then some! When we showed her the anal plug, she didn’t bat an eye and it was in her ass before we knew it.

This made us a suspicious that she was an anal virgin like she claimed. When we told her that producers have to see anal action (which is such a great line), she was totally down for it and would do whatever it would take, such a good attitude to a porn star wannabe. So of course, she got her asshole deeply penetrated over and over and moaned with pleasure the whole way through.

We have to give it to her, she performed like a pro and looked pretty sexy doing it, so our faith in Colombian girls is validated from our little taste of pizza slut.

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