Brutal Castings E43

Bruno intends to find out on his casting couch, but this 5′ 0″ spinner is a little too shy for Master Bruno’s liking when he asks her to strip down and show her girly goodies. What spoiled brat Sadie needs is sex slave training, and the best way to initiate that is systematic humiliation in every possible way until she submits her entire being to Bruno’s cock. First, some rope bondage as her wrists are bound together and she is rendered helpless. She is now nothing but a cum dumpster. Having no other options, Sadie dutifully gives Bruno a deepthroat blowjob, tonguing down his hung cock pretty well for a novice. Rough sex is good for sassy teenagers like Sadie too, and Bruno gives her tiny body the fucking of its young life as he viciously ravages her slopholes in every position until he dispenses his thick sex curds all over her face. But does Sadie get the part?

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