Czech Streets 108

You just won’t believe this. I was in the center of Prague and met a busty Czech Streets 108 Barbie, a genuine one from Mattel. Her name was Jaruska and she was way too crazy.

She was all pink, her car was pink (and had eyelashes!!!) and her chihuahua… luckily wasn’t pink. Jaruska is a stripper by profession and I asked for a private dance. Her apartment was even crazier than herself, her car and her dog combined. She created a Justin Bieber’s shrine, a pink one, of course. That was the heaviest shit I have ever seen.

The wacko Barbie took all my money and then released her huge balloons. It was one fucking ride, my friends. When she came, she yelled “Justin!!!”. Kind of a turnoff, but just for a second.

I fucked that pink bitch hard and then left in seconds because this was really batshit crazy. The craziest pink streets… Sorry, I mean Czech streets so far! You will have fun, I guarantee you that.

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