Fake Agent E211

I have so many adverts out there, It’s pot luck as to what turns up at my door. Today it was a hot blonde girl from the Czech Republic named Brittany. She had come to me for some nude modelling work, but after a little chit chat and me conveying that tonnes of cash could be earned doing porn, she had her tits out, then her lips around my cock, followed swiftly by my finger shoved deeply into her arse. This one was definitely a go-er, she had a lot of fucking stamina. The friction she was making whilst riding me on the sofa nearly set it alight. Then when I spunked my load right in her mouth she started gargling it!!! Filth, pure filth, and that’s exactly how I like them. Cheers love, you were one hell of a shag. Oh and I forgot to mention she deep throated the entire length of my long old cock. Guinness book of records stuff that is!

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