Fake Hospital – Nikky and William

I had ordered some food to be delivered for my lunch break and was patiently awaiting it’s arrival whilst doing some paperwork. There was a knock at the door and a young stud entered who was not my usual delivery boy. I took a shine to him immediately, he was good looking and very easy to get on with. We chatted for a while and I flirted shamelessly with him, letting him see my exposed cleavage and my long legs. He soon got the idea and we were soon kissing and fondling each other as we stood at the doctors desk.

I lowered his jeans and sat him down and began to suck his cock to get it nice and hard. Maybe it was nerves, but he was having a little trouble getting it fully erect, so I lay back on the desk and let him lick my wet pussy. We were still having a little trouble with his cock and I wanted it inside me as he didn’t have a lot of experience with his tongue. I masturbated in front of him and this soon did the trick and his cock was nice and hard and slipped into my pussy with ease. I hadn’t realized just how fat his cock was and he fucked me relentlessly, showing good stamina. It was the loudest

I had ever been in the office as his big cock made me cum several times. I didn’t care about getting caught and this stud seemed like he would never run out of steam. But my pussy always wins against ball control and he eventually pulled out and splattered my stomach with his big load. Now that I had worked up an appetite, it was time for me to get rid of the stud and eat the food he had so kindly brought me earlier.

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