Fake Hospital – Sasha Zima

I had a beautiful blonde holiday maker come to see me earlier today. She had been stung by what she thought was a bee, which had left 2 nasty stings on her arm. No big deal, but she didn’t bother to take out any travel insurance, so technically I couldn’t treat her for free. The pretty blonde then asked if we could come to an arrangement, a sexual arrangement where we could waiver any fee’s. How could I turn this down? Well, I couldn’t and didn’t. I thought it best to check her entire body for any more stings, which of course meant stripping off all her clothes. Once stripped she went straight for my cock and started sucking it on the bench. It wasn’t long before my tongue had sampled her pussy and ass, then I set my cock to purpose in her tight wet hole. This was one patient I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. I wonder what my next patient will be like?

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