Jessica – Blonde Fucked In A Car

Taking a stroll in a park can be very pleasant. But it somehow brings it to another level when you see a beautiful lady! I had to stop her and have a chat! I only asked her for a few minutes of her time but we got talking and it turned out she was really keen on breaking in to the film industry. I had told her about this job I was assigned to get models for. She seemed really intrigued by it! I told her though she would have to be comfortable with nudity (she seemed very non-plussed by it!) I gave her a wad of cash just to let her know I was serious…if she showed me her tits and ass. So we found a nice little secluded spot and I handed her the money. She whipped up her top and pulled down her pants! Wow! What a body! I could feel my dick getting harder! I showed her a BIG load of cash if she gave me blowjob. She thought about it but then couldn’t resist it! We drove off to a hidden spot where she took out my dick and started sucking. Oh my God this was amazing! I wanted more though, I gave her even more money to fuck me right there and then in the car. She got on top and gently slipped my cock in to her pussy! We fucked in as many positions as we could in the car before I emptied my load all over her ass!

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