Backroom Casting Couch – Alicia – 20 Years Old

When she came through our door, 20 year old Alicia told us she was curious about what it would be like to be in porn, a fairly common story. Closer to the truth though is what this food service worker was really looking to do was turn her tits and pussy into cash. And we’re ok with that, it gives us more girls to fuck! In Alicia’s case, she had only watched porn 3 times, so she wasn’t really sure what she was getting into, so we decided to give her a quick tour of the jizz biz from front to back…

It’s not like she doesn’t have experience though, Alicia is one of those girls who likes to get her freak on during spring break, so she’s no stranger to cock. We liked that she has a great attitude and even showed up trying to look nice, a pleasant change from the girls who show up in sweats. We think you’ll get a kick from her expressions when we throw new things at her, basically saying,”you want me to do what?” followed quickly by, “okay”, so the girl has spunk.

We get her started with some pussy play and then threw in a butt plug which she took like a pro. Seriously, while some girls scream, it barely fazed Alicia, a good sign for sure. After passing our next ass eating test, which our stud Vince is a fan of, she dived right into his cock with an excellent blow job and then got down for a lot more. She likes to ride and it showed as she gave a new meaning to cowgirl, she just needed some spurs to make it complete!

When it came time for more anal adventures, she took VInce’s cock deep and really gave her asshole a workout. He finishes her off with a creampie, and only then did we learn she wasn’t on birth control, so it was time for Plan B for our little newbie. With our tour complete, we think we’ve satisfied Alicia’s curiosity, as for the cash, well, we’ll see.

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