Fake Agent UK E212

I tried my luck again with a girl I’d interviewed in the past, asking if she could come in for another interview as I had a possible client wanting to book a girl matching her description. Bingo, she agreed. I wasted no time with this one as she already knew the score, and decided to spice things up a little by adding my lunch into the mix. Namely a portion of cucumber. This stretched her shaven pussy out a treat and turned me right on in the process. I then remembered that she was also up for anal so I took the plunge. It was a tight squeeze but I got in there. As usual a tight little arse generally feels too good wrapped around my cock and the urge to cum became too great.

So I whipped it out of her arse and back into her pussy for part creampie and pussy lips cum splatter delight. Cheers darling, I’ll speak to you soon. Probably.

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