Proxy Paige – Policeman Gets American Anal Treat

Whilst on my night time patrol, I happen to spot a women doing the dishes through her kitchen window. What amazed me was the fact that she was topless. Everyone walking passed would be able to see her tits.

After I had a good look for a few minutes, I realised that I needed to go and let her know that she is topless in full view of the rest of the street.

I knocked on her door and she answered it still topless. I tried to remain professional as I was in full police uniform. I suggested to her that I should come in and have chat with her. I told her that being topless in full view of the outside world could cause a traffic accident. Her tits were quite large and easily spotted from the road.

She didn’t seem to care. She was more interested in my bulging pants. She could she that my cock wanted a bit of action. While she was sucking on my cock, she told me that she was from America and that she loved being fucked in the ass.

What a result! I soon had my big cock smoothly sliding in and out of this American slut’s big booty.

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