PublicAgent Sasha E383

It was cold…very cold, but my cock doesn’t care. It’s needs to be warmed up. I spot a hot looking real woman walking towards her car. I stop her and go through my usual bull shit story about being a modeling agent. This hot blonde, was very interested in showing my her figure in the hope of gaining a modeling job. I took her to a piece of wasteland just behind some apartment blocks wear I paid her a lot of cash to show me her figure. I was not disappointed. Even though it was too cold to get her tits and arse out, I could see that she had a fantastic figure. My cock began to throb and the money in my pocket needed to be spent. I offered her a lot of extra cash if she would let me fuck her sexy body. It did not take too long for the money to work it’s magic and she was on her knees sucking on my cock.

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